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32 thoughts on “Switch OLED vs Switch Lite | The Better Handheld”
  1. Also having 64 gb built in for the OLED also makes it easier to have all digital since you have more storage, and all digital would probably be better in portable since you don’t have to worry about carrying games.

  2. I bought a switch lite when it came out because I liked the idea of a unibody design, but over time I started to find it too small for my fairly large hands and really missed being able to dock the system. I just upgraded to an OLED and while I still think the lite is great value for money, the extra $150 is well worth it

  3. I have bought both in the last two weeks. Im impressed with the new OLED but i gotta say the switch lite has gotten CHEAP! I compared it to the one i bought my daughter three years ago, and im returning it this morning! Plastic, and just cheap.

  4. the loose joycons have a fix by inserting a bit of tape on the top and bottom on the joycon rails, its easily come off when removing the joycons but they become way more solid feeling with the tape in. cheap and nice 'mod' imo

  5. According to most reviewers the battery life is the same. I'm glad to see you actually took a little time to test this.

    I am unsure I want to buy a switch most games I like on Nintendo are on my Wii u. I'm Afraid if I buy a switch now that a new console will come out in 2 years

  6. I chose the switch lite because I just wanted a hand held. Apart from kinda sucky battery life, I've been fairly pleased with it. Especially when Borderlands dropped!

  7. The Switch Lite is basically what the PS Vita 2 should of been except you get even more because you always have the great first party Nintendo games as well.

  8. I bought another lite due to not playing on dock mode most of the time, but I enjoy the dock and joy con in the very first year. Its a hard to choose between them, you get the lite 1st you will always think about what is the experience of joycon and dock.

  9. I’m gonna swap my lite for the oled. I onpy have to pay €200 for the oled. Even tho i have the Animal Crossing switch, i mostly play handheld and i just love the screen of the oled

  10. I just saw the oled in person for the first time at target today, and I have to admit it looks really great, especially when I compared it to the screen of the V2. It was way more clear, colorful, and vibrant, and obviously the screen was bigger, so that made it look a lot better.

  11. Great video!. THANKYOU!! After just purchasing the new Limited Edition Onyx Pokemon Switch Lite on launch day 05.11.2021 I have now decided to sell it on as I've just ordered an all new White Nintendo Swiitch OLED console it came back in stock toinght! No.1 The OLED has a far better battery life. No. 2.Oled has a bigger screen for my old aging eyes and finally No 3.The OLED screen! Keep up the good work. Stay safe. And Merry Christmas pal!

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