T110E4 – TANK EATER – World of Tanks Gameplay

WoT T110E4 PC Gameplay Replay. T110E4 Tier 10 American turreted tank destroyer. Sub for more best replays: Send your #wot replays …



32 thoughts on “T110E4 – TANK EATER – World of Tanks Gameplay”

  1. It was good game, good decisions and nice positions, but his ammo… I am not talking about not taking any gold, although its giving him less chances in less favorauble matchups (with full OP X tiers), but why so many HE shells? If he would end with such amount of ammo against heavier armored vehicles, he would have no chances. Lucky for him, he was alone against three paper tds, low hp med and arty.

  2. In the first engagement that was a great move wedging himself between his very low health teammate and the enemy trying to use his armor to shield him. The teammate should have been smarter and ducked around to the right, flanking behind the enemy, instead of poking out right back in front of his gun. The T/D he was in is an armored durp-gun beast and he played it great.

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