Team Sonic Racing – 10 Minutes Of Shadow Grand Prix Gameplay

Shadow The Hedgehog alongside Dr. Eggman, and Metal Sonic team up to destroy the competition in a Grand Prix race. Here’s over 10 minutes of racing …


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  1. Damn this game looks good but why did they take out that's the best mac the best mate jump over the things you can are you can jump over the Royal Lagoon but they check that out they should have put that back here let me see you could if he does not speak you could jump over that hit the middle of it and fire up and go straight away take it out having a nice day was good example for engine looks pretty good looks a little bit slightly much more better than Mario Kart but let's just see a

  2. _ Shadow : the dog. (Dead to Rights)
    _ Shadow Man (Megaman 3)
    _ Shadowman (Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Dreamcast )
    _ Shadow : woman. (Eternal Champions)
    _ Shadow Madness. (PlayStation)
    _ Shadow Master (PlayStation)
    _ Shadow Warriors (PS4, PC)
    _ Shadow the Hedgehog. (PS2, Xbox, Game Cube)
    _ Shadow Warrior (= Ninja Gaiden)
    _ Shadow : (the ninja) (Final Fantasy VI)


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