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25 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gaming Keyboard With Custom Cable Giveaway 2021”
  1. Wow its so cool when good peoples do giveaways hope to get one I'd like the epomaker K870T ! Hope to get it. Bcuz my keyboard is broken and I need keyboard for online class. Pls I'm from Philippines.

  2. I think I'd have to go with the Epomaker K870T. I've never seen the scroll wheel be right above the arrow keys before, so it'd be super interesting to try out. I'd probably add a wireless 10 key pad on the side, because I've never tried the TKL layout before. Thanks for giving back to the community and congrats on 18K!

  3. i want the 2nd Prize : Seenda
    cuz It rlly gives me the vibe cuz Of the color hoping to win 2nd For My Ps4 to start trying To play on A keys and mouse Ty Also going to canada next year : Ph🇵🇭

  4. It's a tough choice here, but I think I would side with the Epomaker K870T. The hot swap, TKL layout, and cool scroll wheel seem very interesting, especially compared to traditional TKLs. Keep these fun vids coming, please!

  5. lets go another giveaway i missed the last one because i didnt have the bell notifications on now im not making that mistake i turned on the bell notif last giveaway U.S. and i want the GK61. good luck everyone!!!!

  6. I don’t want any keyboards as I already have an rk61 so it’s better if someone who doesn’t have one gets one.

    I just want to say that you seem like your a genuinely nice person. I’ve subscribed to your channel around 2 years ago when you had like around 5k subscribers. That’s really nice of you to be doing this giveaway to other people. I absolutely love your videos are they seem so honest yet so entertaining to watch.

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