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36 thoughts on “The BEST PS5 Exclusive Games Worth Buying!”
  1. Series X has had a bunch of exclusives release lmao, I dunno if you just haven't played your Xbox for a while but we've had exclusives releasing frequently. A lot more coming too.

  2. im loving ghost of tsushima directors cut, especially because i never picked it up on ps4, but it is a remake and as such it’s kinda devalued by that fact

  3. I only own one game and thats Rift Apart, I actually preordered even though I did not have a ps5, but I got lucky a month after the games release I managed to get a PS5 because a website in my country had a big restock (like 50 consoles), and I managed to order one and like 5 minutes later after I ordered it the site took down the page. Ratchet and clank is my favorite playstation franchise so I had to get it, obviously Im going to play more games and currently waiting for God of war ragnarök and Elden ring.

  4. I mean there is something Xbox “kinda” has, it’s not exclusive to Xbox but it’s best played on Xbox. The game I’m talking about is Psychonauts 2, it’s an incredible game and probably one of my favorite games of this year. You can play it on your PlayStation(which is what I did) but it doesn’t have a next gen update to PS5 meanwhile it does for Series X which is why I said it’s better played on Xbox.

  5. a beatemups review of ratchet and clank??? Yassss! That is my favorite series ever and the first game is the game that made me a gamer. Great video! Check out Tales of Arise on PS5, it's awesome

    zeldies for life

  6. So let me get this straight… It Takes Two is a PS5 exclusive, despite also being on PC. Yet Xbox has no exclusives, despite has tons of games that are only on Xbox and PC.

    Hmmmm, I wonder if there's a bias, or are you just acting stupid for views?

    Genuine note though, only exclusives here are Returnal, which came out… half a year ago and Ratchet, which is once again a middling Ratchet game.

  7. Sorry, but everyone I know who used to watch your videos kind of stopped, not your fault really, but,,,,, with third party price gouging still going on, can't really get into your videos talking about PS5.

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