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22 thoughts on “The Disaster Of WWE 2K18 On Nintendo Switch”
  1. Now yes I am a poor soul who got this and tbh I’m disappointed. I mean I can’t even play tag team or anything else but one on one without the frame data going down to zero. The only reason it was a little better since i have a good tv. And if Chris Denker says it’s terrible it’s time to delete

    Edit: Commentary is repetitive, Don’t even think about trying to do My WWE, and we don’t even have all the features

    Edit 2: At least Battlegrounds was better somewhat but that game still has its glitches

  2. It is easier for them to say that switch is not powerful enough instead of trying to develop a game that better suits the device

  3. I have the game on my switch and whenever you have a match even with two wrestlers the game freezing no longer reacting to buttons nor pressing the off button

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