The Evolution Of The Legend Of Zelda Gameplay Gimmicks | The Leaderboard

Zelda has introduced many different gameplay gimmicks with each new game in the series. Everything from motion control, multiplayer, weapon durability, and …


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  1. We are very likely to leave Hyrule in the next Zelda. Nintendo does that frequently after they make a new engine. Honestly I think a weapon crafting ability would be awesome. The sheika slate or whatever the new thing is stores the materials from your equipment and you take it to a blacksmith to get newly made stuff. Give better reasons to mine and hoard stuff. Like maybe it's not a great weapon but you need the handle from it for a better sword. That and more dungeons! Don't make it crazy easy to know exactly where the dungeons are either. Make it more like the original where you have to explore the map to find stuff and you don't know what's inside. Have some dead end caves and some that open to buried temples or something. I want cave networks too, botw didn't really have cave and underground stuff that you got to openly explore.

  2. Great video but why did you skip Minish Cap? The main gimmick was the whole shrinking and growing thing with Ezlo to access smaller areas. Plus, once you got the Four Sword, you could split yourself into 4 and complete puzzles with 3 other 'Links'.

  3. "Oh wait! … Triforce Heroes!"
    😂 Wonder how many people would have even noticed this one missing from the list. I adore Zelda and I didn't even know this game existed until a few weeks ago. 😄

    Awesome video and host! 👍🏿

  4. Of course we're not going to judge you for not being good at A Link to the Past; I mean you must have been only… um… Actually, how old WERE you when you played it?…

    I'm not sure how old you are now, but I'm guessing you weren't playing video games when it was first released on SNES. But LttP has been released so many times, you could have played it at any age on one of many different systems.

    For the record, I played the first Zelda on NES in 1987, not too long after it came out in America. I was 6, and it totally kicked my ass. Couldn't even finish the first dungeon. 🙁

    (By the way, the first Zelda did actually label its dungeons with level numbers, but you could ignore the order to a certain extent, and it was quite likely you'd stumble across a few levels out of order by accident.)


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