The First 17 Minutes of Temtem (Pokemon-Like MMO) Alpha Gameplay

Check out a bit of the character creator and the opening gameplay moments of Temtem: a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by …



37 thoughts on “The First 17 Minutes of Temtem (Pokemon-Like MMO) Alpha Gameplay

  1. I really like how it looks, but I don't like that they pretty much went for a 1:1 gameplay experience.

    You guys are making a completely new game bring some new ideas to the gameplay, will give it a try anyways.

  2. LMAO I thought Pokemon's running animation was bad. I take it back, this is much worse. We look like a little kid who's had one too many glasses of Kool-Aid. (Not to mention the constant arm – swinging of the "idle" animation)

    EDIT: apparently you can choose styles of running (?) or maybe it was just for the idle animation. I hope that's true.

  3. Eh looks bleh.

    I think Pokemon's gameplay is honestly stale, but the name somehow keeps me coming back. I don't think I'd play a different identical game without the license.

    If they took the concept and improved on core aspects of gameplay I'd be in, say like… Digimon has experimented with to great success.

  4. More people should approach it like this. Rather than straight up raid the IP and get a cease and desist, make up a spiritual successor that anyone can look at and in 3 seconds be like "that's clearly supposed to be…" but is C&D proof.

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