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  1. yeah these new prem choppers make the older prems pretty much irreverent and pretty shitty to grind with since to older onces dont have much they can do vs missile spam so if you dont already have the ah1z good luck grinding for 1

  2. I got both g-lynx and prem Tiger, from my experience the tiger has way better A2A, they dont miss nearly as much as those on g-lynx do. And about those hellfires…. Man thay seem So broken rn, sometimes it goes way off and sometimes it does no damage. But you have way better range than Tiger which has only like 4,5Km range. So with G-Lynx you can stay further from battlefield that means SPAA are not that big threat and Tiger can do way better against air targets but you have to be really carefull about those SPAA. Non prem french Tiger has gun, 4 mistrals and 8 hellfires, best Heli in the game rn i think.


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