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30 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Online "Expansion Pack" Pricing Is Ridiculous”
  1. Nintendo doesn’t think hundreds of money is good even per person they want thousands per person to be paid. Nintendo the REAL Tom Nook confirmed???

  2. Screw that. I don’t pay to play online I pay to play the classics, which lets be honest most people probably do because what games are there to play online. Splatoon. Smash Bro’s. Mario Kart. Mario Party. Mario Maker. Fortnite. Get where I’m going. If you are going to be playing online it’s not going to be on the switch if you have a PC, PlayStation, or Xbox.

  3. A lack of in game voice chat is an excellent feature imo. If you know the people you're gaming with then Discord or Skype will work well. If you are playing with strangers, you're better off not having to listen to the cussing, slurs, overall awful sportsmanship.

  4. I don’t see why they wouldn’t just make it a one time purchase to buy this “expansion pack” or even a big box collection of physical cartridges would be a great idea

  5. Nintendo should just accept their place in gaming history which is very rich, they really were the leader in the early days and the last good Nintendo console was the N64, the company should really just transition itself into a Legacy console company and focus on that. They will never be able to compete with Sony or Microsoft

  6. If nintendo's online services were on par with Microsoft or Sony then sure, I wouldn't see this being an issue. However….. Look at Microsoft and Sony and all the content they have. Not to mention the lack of party and voice chat support; they're lacking basic online services from 10 years ago but charging today's prices.

  7. The problem with this besides the fact you can emulate them is that these are available in collections on the switch already for cheaper. Most of those Sega games are in the Genesis Classics Collection for 30 bucks.

  8. At first I thought rich was wearing a wizards robe when this video started. And the shape of his mic in front of him made it look like he was wearing a giant medallion necklace lol

  9. I’m sure at this point Nintendo thinks their fans will pay for anything with their logo on it. I really hope this blows up in their face, but knowing Nintendo fans, I doubt it.

  10. they should make Nintendo Online similar to Xbox Game Pass, play any Retro Game you want and get a discount when you want to buy them, but also make the games available to buy regularly without it, doubt they'll do it tho

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