The Outer Worlds – E3 Gameplay Demo (with Dev Commentary)

Join Senior Designer Brian Heins as he plays through an exciting mission from The Outer Worlds set on the dangerous planet of Monarch. How will you choose …



44 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds – E3 Gameplay Demo (with Dev Commentary)”

  1. No forced Identity or background, The game world(s) not based around mine craft, great freedom, multiple ways to do quests. Dialogue choices. All the things that a Fallout game should be based around but isn't.

  2. THIS IS A GAME !!! NOT some random rushed SHIT with puzzles, limited gameplay and story for 10 year old kids…. they ALL (except Cd Project RED) THROW AT US.. only SHIT… OBSIDIAN don't ever sell your beautiful game design soul like them !!! Quality will always win and be recognized and remembered… Vegas is still best RPG ever… continue making your masterpieces !!!

  3. Really cool that you guys releasing POE and this new game on the switch πŸ™‚ Can you guys also look for a possibility to release Fallout New Vegas on Switch in the future? Never played that game and i really want to! and i bet i speak for hundreds/thousands of other gamers with the same wish.

  4. Thank you so much, Obsidian! I love your work and The Outer Worlds looks so amazing (so "new vegas-like" <3 but also different in it's own way ) Thanks for believing on singleplayer storydriven games, we need people like you in this time in the gaming industry! You have my support, love and admiration (I'm hoping for a Collectors Edition πŸ™‚ )

  5. Amazing looking!
    The fact tha oxhorn DIDNT EVEN MENTIONED this title tells us that hes channel isn’t about fallout, its about bethesda…… i post it here so proper fallout (and action-rpg in general) fans watch it as (as you know) oxhorn doesn’t accept criticism so my comments about non-bethesda games get deleted……..

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