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39 thoughts on “The PERFECT Monitor for your PS5 and Xbox Series X Setup [HDMI 2.1]”
  1. With the small list of ps5 4k 120fps games and only having a series s I can't justify paying that much for a monitor. My 1440p monitor still looks amazing even compared to my LG CX TV.

  2. Hi there, Just got one of these after watching your review. I have connected my PS5 but can only get 60Hz not 120Hz can you advise me please or is 60Hz all you can get.

  3. I like that this monitor has a built in KVM. My only nit pick for this monitor is having the buttons on the right side. I think that it would be better to have them on the bottom, especially in a multi-monitor setup. Not all of us have long arms like yours to be able to easily reach them from the bottom.

  4. It’s amazing that these new consoles can output all this power but in all honesty it isn’t really necessary… 1080p/1440p at 60FPS for a console is still impressive.. The previous gen consoles frame rates were pretty much locked at 30FPS, the upgrade from 30-60 is a big difference & that’s all the next gen needed. me personally, I’ll take performance over resolution… I have two different monitors, one QHD 144HZ & the other a 4K 60HZ both of these performer extremely well.. There are many previous gen games they can run 4K 60FPS on the Xbox One X & the PS4 pro has a good list that can do 1080p at 60FPS… Very few games available at the moment that can run at 4K 120FPS on new gen. Great video… you have a new subscriber! 👌

  5. Great review! Which dock are you using for the split to two monitors? Not many which still supports M1 chip for dual monitors. Yours seems sleek and nice!

  6. Bro a small suggestion please try out monitor are like Vivo because they are really good and very adjustable, and they are also give your desk a really clean look

  7. I really like the video and the monitors of course. I used to work with a dedicated KVM switch back at my last job, they were a nightmare to set up and very expensive. These monitors are very interesting as a first monitor for my son as he doesn't have much space. A bit pricey but i guess they'll drop in price in the next few months.

  8. As A Sony/Playstation User I'm So Disappointed With The Current State Of The PS5…
    Yes if you get HDMI 2.1 you can get 4K @120hz but only on certain titles and most of them are games with mediocre graphics which it's graphics don't require much detail. So for example, right now I have a 1080p 25 inch gaming with the ps5 for competitive gaming, but I have noticed that the image does not look sharp at all even if the monitor is 25 inch.. So I wanted like a 27 Inch Monitor with 1440p resolution to play at 120hz but guess what!! The PS5 does no support native 1440p resolution which is a huge disappointment in my opinion. The Series X Can Do 1440p @120hz for Warzone imagine playing that game on a 27 Inch Monitor.. Great Graphics And Great performance but the PS5 won't do that so you have to stick either with 120hz @1080p or jump all the way to 4k @60hz which is lame… I mean yes Sony said that in the future the PS5 will support 1440p but it's been like a year already still no 1440p support, I didn't buy the PS5 to wait a lot for upgrades… 🤦‍♂️
    I forgot to mention that, you don't need HDMI 2.1 To Get 1440p @120hz HDMI 2.0 can do that.

  9. I'm pretty sure you could run the two displays at 120/144Hz from your MBP if you didn't have that Razer Thunderbolt Dock halving the bandwidth of the ports on the back.

  10. By the time I'll be able to comfortably afford one of those whether it's 28'' or 32'', a new generation of monitors will be out.. Still gaming on a 1080p 60hz 24'' BenQ monitor and I couldn't be sadder lol..

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