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39 thoughts on “The Reverse Star Method // WARPIPS // Part 13 [TUG OF WAR STRATEGY GAME]”
  1. So infuriating to watch the ignoring if he vehicles haha, I usually do one rank then unlock the vehicle and it wrecks, I guess it’s either/or

  2. As much as I’m entertained by you Mr. Odd, listening to the track and watching your game play was truly entertaining. I’m a little biased 🙃 keep rising to a million!

  3. Yes, hardcore is required as it really seems like you breezed through most of it. Personally playing harder difficulty put me through tougher, more interesting choices.

  4. ~3:00 just realized you can hear some sergeant calling "Left! Left! Left, right, left!" in the background of the track. Probably obvious to a lot of you. Odd's voice and a lower volume obscured it till now.

  5. I'd like to see more Warpips. I'm enjoying the gameplay, and the soundtrack bangs. If your schedule allows it, I'm all for it. Thanks for sharing what you have so far!

  6. If this or the next is the last island – you should do the hardcore run straight away. If it's longer, you should wait to do it until it's gotten an update.

  7. Warpips and mercenaries are like butter on pork in my opinion. They do the same role, holding out until the big boys come, and supporting the other classes

  8. Since you're crushing the game right now, I don't think hardcore would actually be any different? I'd rather wait for a content patch that added more stuff, then do a hardcore run.

  9. Professional. 😝 I once made my podcast co-hosts wait a half hour while I troubleshooted audio problems. The mic was turned around backwards. I have 12 years of podcasting experience. Said that to say…no judgement. 😫

  10. I'm really glad you're keeping the series up. However, it might be best if you stop when you finish it, and pick it back up later if significant updates end up coming out. It will prevent fatigue.
    I also feel like you're using too many units. It seems like you should be taking out one or two, and then using consumables to make money or hold the line.

  11. Yes, a hardcore run would be so great! But maybe wait until there are helicopters in the game? Or adapt to the changing game along the way?
    Anyways, one can feel that thoroughly enjoy these episodes and that’s what makes them even more fun to watch. Great series! 👍

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