The Settlers | Rebooting the Franchise – New Gameplay, Mechanics, Maps & More!

TheSettlers #Ubisoft The Settlers reboot was announced at Gamescom this year. Here’s a look at some gameplay and some of the changes coming to the series.



22 thoughts on “The Settlers | Rebooting the Franchise – New Gameplay, Mechanics, Maps & More!”

  1. This game looks awesome, Settlers 2 and Civ 2 are some of my earliest gaming memories alongside Mortal Kombat on my Megadrive.

    However what do you mean that combat was the most memorable thing for you in Settlers! You crazy fool. Different strokes I guess but I remember the commands being no more than "move, attack, wait" I do remember siege engines from Settlers 4 though.

  2. Settlers were never about fighting at least for me. It was always about economic victory and building civilization. I really loved these little details like for example if you wanted to make bread. Farmer must grow wheat – cut wheat – brings it to the miller – miller grinds it into flour – goes with it to the baker to bake it and here you go with fresh bread. I just love seeing these animation of work in progress.