THIS IS INSANE: Modern Warfare 32v32 Ground War Gameplay!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Crossplay: Call of Duty Modern Warfare new Ground War mode is insane!


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  1. This is far from battlefield… killstreaks make going outside not an option. Barely any bullet drop. UAV/killstreak spamming is brutal. If you don’t use ghost & cold blooded ur basically fucked. And this game mode didn’t feel like there was any emphasis on teamwork unlike BF. I felt like I was just doing my own thing the entire time.

  2. it literally reminds me of battlefield 3 more than anything else getting really nostalgic playing this mode, if they make some more maps for this mode so it doesnt get boring they might just replace battlefield entirely.

  3. I honestly loved this mode, it’s stupid chaotic fun for when you get tired of the sweats in regular modes. I played on the One X and for the most part it was fine, I had no bugs or anything noticeably game breaking. I just hope they don’t change this mode too much because of all the people complaining who I assume want it to be more like battlefield I guess? Either way I think it’s fun if you actually want to just have fun

  4. I played this a ton on Xbox one x and I had no crashing/bug issues or connection issues whatsoever. There were definitely a couple times I noticed my Xbox would stutter and the Fran rate would drop slightly but that wasn’t too often at all. Crossplay worked amazing and was a blast. I absolutely loved this mode. I’ve played battlefield and this was way more fun to me. And I love the fact that there are kill streaks in the mode. It seriously gets so chaotic that me and my buddy would just be having so much fun that we didn’t even care if we died cause it had gotten so crazy

  5. Thats a very bold statement to make "Battlefield But Better" because the majority of people who play both games would say the opposite.

    I play COD and BF and I enjoy them both for different reasons but this mode is no where near as refined as conquest in BF. In its current state this is not a true competitor to BF.

    Im loving how Modern Warfare is shaping up and its looking like it's gonna be the best COD in years but they have a lot of work to do with this mode if they wanna bring the BF crowd over to stay.

  6. 0:36 Laughs in battlefield 4* that's where you're wrong. Overall here is what IW has to do to improve it.
    1. Increase bullet travel I always loved relying on leading my shots and it adds a skill gap for snipers and other guns cause I cant imagine getting shot down 200 meters by a sniper with no effort.
    2. Either get rid of kill streaks (and perks) or rework it. A constant uav most likely ruins your chances of flanking and capturing flags that are more near the enemy deployment(might as well add the spotting system from bf4. If there was a rework I would make the squad leader the only person to use a killstreaks and basically get rid of the nuke.
    3. Spread out the flags, the clutter is always in the center and makes it too chaotic even for battlefield standards (I'm looking at you operation metro and locker)
    4.Make the environment destructive. The map feels too static and linear without it and making the map more interactive make for more creative engagements and immersive gameplay.
    5. Replace the loadout system for a class system. This will increase team play and makes squads more relevant because in bf4 every class has an important role. Assault/medics heals and revive nearby teammates. Support resupplies and suppresses enemy scouts and infantry with motors. Engineers takes care of vehicles with their launchers and explosives. And Recon/Scouts spot enemies and spawns squadmates and applies cover for friendlies with their sniper rifles.
    These are just a few things they could do to improve the game mode if you have any other ideas be sure to comment on this thread.

  7. Drift buddy pal amigo. what did you just say? i really enjoy this mode as much as the next guy but dont think this trumps BF. what ever you are smoking share it so we can all experience that too. This mode definitely needs changes and balances but this is not a BF competitor in its current state, and I've been playing cod for a loooonnnggg time my guy. I am happy with the mode, i just want it to be better.

  8. Let me tell you driftor I played the crap out of this on xbox and it was awesome! I crashed a few times and I lost connection to the host more than anything, but I did complete quite a few matches and I loved it!

  9. Console is great when it worked, I play XBONE.
    2 issues I ran into:
    -First match had a few douchebags under the map already.
    -Spawn trapping. Literally spawning into gunfire, right in front of the other team that is aiming right at the spawn point (C).

  10. I’ve been having a problem to enjoy the game, I like everything on the beta and I enjoy it very much but camping across the map on a corner and just camping 24/7 and the constant pick of the m4 which at this point is kinda op it just gets annoying really fast hopefully the campers can get reduce in the actual game


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