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20 thoughts on “This Tiny PC Has The Power! Emulation, Gaming, eGPU Support! NUC Box Review”
  1. This thing sure runs hot on some emulators, playing Goldeneye XBLA on Xenia will make this thing thermal throttle. It really needs a better cooling solution. I'm gonna replace the thermal paste for sure.

  2. Hy friend, watching yours every video. Please make comaprison of yours mini pc 1135g7 on windows, and flahship Snapdragon 888 in emulation performance in harder to emulate PS2, PS1 and Gamecube. Really interested which device should i buy, and i can't find this compartison on youtube before. So very interesting and informative video! Please support with likes, this comment.

  3. I would like to know if there is some mini pc that can use egpu, and in other scenario, use the Nexdock.

    1- go to work and use the mini pc with the battery from Nexdock, like a laptop, and recharge if needed.
    2- go back home, plug it in the egpu and use full power (no battery in this scenario)

    Trying to find this (started the search recently), but the ones that can be powered from USB-C, are low performance, and the ones that can have egpu, are not powered by USB-C… Someone knows the perfect mini pc to these scenarios? Thanks 🙂

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