Top 1 Global Lylia Feat. L3bron, Ognimod & Hex! Lylia Gameplay By Sindi. ~ Mobile Legends

Lylia Full Build : / Arcane Boots / Lightning Truncheon / Ice Queen Wand / Genius Wand / Fleeting Time / Immortality / Lylia Rank 1 Player: Sindi. JOIN to our …


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  1. People Spending too much DIAMONDS in every KOF skin released, like Z4pnu 35k diamonds, my bro DOOFEN 21k diamonds and Hororo chan spend 15k diamonds, but for me instead of wasting diamonds i will give it to all our subscribers who always support our channel, let me pick 10 lucky winners at the end of the month August 31, 2019 Saturday. so stay tuned amigo and goodluck🤗


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