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29 thoughts on “Top 10 Cooperative Games of 2021 – with Tom Vasel”
  1. I've watched the Destinies outtake four times and your dead stare makes me laugh every time! Great list. I appreciate the variety and quick context for each. You are getting better with age, Tom.

  2. Chronicles 2400 is a solo game don't let anyone fool you even the guy at Essen's booth said so, the fact that you could play it coop shouldn't place it here, just as SW Rebellion or War of the Ring aren't 4 player games even if you can play it that way.

  3. Sleeping Gods, Roll player adventures and adventure tactics are great. Horrified american monsters, and roll camera should have been on this list.

  4. I was confused. I own dozens (possibly hundreds) or cooperative games and I hadn't even heard of half of these games and the ones I had heard of, I do not own. While it could be possible, it would be improbable. Then I realized that's Top 10 coop games of 2021.

  5. I held off buying The Crew last year because the space theme kind of bored me. But I'm all in on anything to do with deep sea diving. Bought this version and am not disappointed.

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