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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Video Games May 2022 – Noisy Pixel”
  1. I'm confused by that Warriors game art style. I thought they had a good aesthetic going with Samurai Warriors 5.

    These character models look… Off? Things looked okay in the combat.

  2. Citizen Sleeper sounds awesome! Trek to Yomi looks gorgeous. And Eiyuden Chronicle Rising promises that nostalgia hit and classic jrpg vibe!

    I’m hyped for all three!

  3. Makai Kingdom!!

    This is the enhanced PSP version that never released in the west. We've been asking for both this game as well as the PSP version of La Pucelle Tactics for a LOOOONG time now. And we're getting both in 2022, on a system that is taylor made for these retro games.

  4. Excellent top 10! Most of my own list is included here, but I also recommend Loot River (PC/Xbox), Souldiers (PC/all consoles) & Dwerve (PC only for now, Switch to come later).

  5. The Centennial Case has that Death Come True vibe when it comes to live-action mystery games IMO. If you haven't played Death Come True, then stop what you're doing and go play it lol.
    That pirate H JRPG though, man… we need more fanservice games to drown those boring-ass brooding muted-colored games that AAA publishers keep regurgitating every few months.
    We need more bright colors and bouncing bewbs… yeah I said that last part out loud, deal with it! XD

  6. Thanks for the list guys! Which game is that first screenshot from when the video first starts? Looks like a tactical RPG perhaps? (It has "Day 1" in the top left corner.)

  7. oh man do i hate it when people are like "turn your brain off to play a warriors game"

    come on guys you know it's not like that. especially in recent titles ( for example hyrule warriors 2 and berserk and the band of the hawk ) you'll be dead within seconds if you don't know what you're doing. there's also targets to eliminate, bases to capture, a time limit to many missions etc. you're giving this franchise too little credit :/

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