Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Yellow Turban Rebellion Gameplay Reveal

Leader of the people, He Yi, forges an empire from his grass roots rebellion. With the will of the common man and the powerful warrior He Man by his side, can …


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  1. There is a bug in the game.I don't know how to give you feedback, so i reply here. When a country is short of food, you can sell it in exchange for some areas. You can cancel the contract immediately after signing the treaty. These areas still belong to you. You don't have to give food to that country. Then you can continue to trade food for territory and break the contract. You can always do this in exchange for all the territory of other countries except the capital.

  2. New Total War player here, but, Why the UI looks so stacked? I'm beginning with Total War Warhammer and it looks so clean. Its not that I hate the game, I love china story and I've been waiting for it for a while.

  3. Dear CA team,
    I am a big fan of 3 kingdoms. Appreciate for what you have done to make it in total war mode!
    Here are my suggestions:
    – To allow player to create and customise their own legendary lord! For example, a lord named Josephliu in Dong Zhuo’s model and Cao Cao’s skills and customised stats.
    – To allow player to create a new faction using the legendary lord they created! E.g., Josephliu starts as a new faction in Chengdu.

    Not sure if this is implementable but we all have a dream to conquer the chaos with the name of ourselves.

  4. 220k pop.. -20% +100k = 280k? Guess establishing enlightened taking care of peasants and their flooding & starvation allows them to return to productive work. Instead of supposedly demanding impossible backtaxes. during the clubwar, and the governor was angry at the greedy peasants who deliberately starved themselves to death so as to avoid paying taxes…

  5. So is it just me or is CA really pushing the whole 'Yellow Turbans are for the people!' thing a bit much.
    The yellow turban rebellion degraded from a righteous cause into a bunch of degenerates looting and sacking towns for their own benefeit, i find it weird that the yellow turbans are portrayed so nobly.

  6. I personally feel that Chinese voice dubbing, although excellent, is a bit too lengthy for non-Chinese speakers to catch on easily. Video games often utilized foreign language voice dubs to help players immerse into the game play, but may have the opposite effect when it is overused.

    I for one have learned short German and Japanese phrases from playing World War 2 games, phrases like Jawohl, Nein, Schnell, Actung, Bitte Sehr, and Banzai, Yosh, Ikuzo, Masaka, bakayaro. I remember these words because they are simple and direct. However, from what I see in Three Kingdoms TW, the characters are delivering full out sentences which sound too complicated for a non-Chinese ear. Simplifying the exclamations to 'Dui, Hao, Bu, ni sei lah (you die) might help non-Chinese speaking players better immerse into gameplay.

    Also the subtitles are way too small to read. They are either at the top right corner or randomly popping out in mid screen in 10 pt font size. I mean come on, what's the point of turning on Chinese language mode if I can't understand nor read the meanings?


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