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  1. Why do people pay 150€ and more on ebay to get the deluxe edition on ebay now? I hate it, the deluxe edition is sold out everywhere. But why cant the people wait till the deluxe edition is available again? It is not limited.
    And some people sell the figure only on ebay between 40-200€ thats sick.

  2. By curiosity what size is this? I wanna put this into a protective case and does anyone know where I can get a protector for something this big?

  3. Im downloading it just from getting it from the shops and im wondering if the season pass is a cod like the clasic pac tha5 had a code in the box and im getting worried they stuffed it up

  4. Game sucks

    They cut Character Customizer
    They cut Oine Co OP
    No Coruscant space battle
    No Real Battle of Yavin(Trench)
    No playble Order 66
    No Chancellor battle
    No gunship battle
    No Endor Space battle
    No mod support
    Only 260 unique characters 120 skins
    No Tusken raider battle
    All levels are 5-9 min long

  5. So I got a questing I preordered the deluxe edition on my ps5 but the cover art is the same and the standard one is that normal

  6. Honestly this doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of value. The unique mini figure might go for some money a few years down the line but it’s just luke with some blue milk. It doesn’t even come with a steelbook. Add that to the fact that this game still doesn’t have online co op in 2022 post a global pandemic when all anyone did was play games online, PLUS they removed the character creator. Not worth $70 day one to me, I’ll be getting the digital deluxe on sale so I can get the classic obi wan (which doesn’t come with physical editions for some ridiculous reason).

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