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9 thoughts on “Video Game Pickups – Nintendo Switch Retail Releases”
  1. awesome switch collection man and really wanna try out huntdown!! love these buying guides! really need to do some more of these on my end soon!!!

  2. That Monster Harvest game looks pretty entertaining as does Undernauts, need to add them to the x-mas list. Cris Tales is a beautiful game with excellent voice acting and is a very heart-warming tale. A little on the easy side. Out of curiosity, how many switch games do you have in your collection?

  3. The man's Switch collection is so vast, the reddish hue cast from the games lights up the room.
    That's how you know your collecting is on point: The games become 80s mood lighting 😀

  4. Awesome additions! I need to look into acquiring some of those myself. I really enjoyed Cris Tales a lot but I did beat it on the PS5, regardless the game itself is quite good. Astria Ascending looks pretty good too but I only played it for an hour or so. Overall, some great pickups

  5. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't called the Monster Crown developers yet because that art style is spot on. Astria Ascending looks great, but I read that it's so-so. Hopefully there's a dip for the holidays so I can grab it around the $20 mark. I've noticed Switch physical tends to come out before PS4. A few of the titles you showed still haven't come out for PS4. My only hesitation is performance, but I don't mind waiting for a deal.

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