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39 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 Battle Sector Review”
  1. After playing this for several hours. In my opinion once you’ve got over the novelty, it soon becomes very repetitive. The AI is very basic and all of my battles end the same…. the Blood Angels being outnumbered and getting swarmed by the Tyranids and trying to survive the rush by picking the Tyanids off from long range.

  2. Look at the primaris as space marine redesign.
    They had to explain why they remade the SM models. Notice that chaos space marines have similar stats and models to primaris. Destite them supposed to be old SM.
    GW just didnt feel like doing a lore reason for CSM.

  3. "Shooting and manuevering of the Blood Angels"…..dude, you're not playing Blood Angels right, you need to be in there face with the glorious carnage of melee combat. HAH HA!

    jokes aside all marine should use guns versus Nids, it's just smart.

  4. Хм, для любителей шахмат. Как ни странно, но лучшие игры по WH40k выходили как раз для любителей шахмат. Да, были и реал-тайм стратегии, но… На любителя (я про захват точек для ресурсов – слишком стар для этого дерьма, мне бы домиков понастроить и устроить зерграш или киров-репортинг, для меня были стратегии без построек, вроде Коммандос, Садден Страйк и вот такого вот всего тех времён, Десперадос первые ммм, но, как только появился захват точек в стратегиях – я просто дропнул в них играть. это где-то с первой Кампани оф хиорс. Ибо мне не понравилось).

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  6. Why are all 40k games just play as this one chapter of space marines and fight one of the xenos. I’d love a game that follows the table top game closely where you have points limits and build your army through progression and can play as and against any other race and faction. This would be a great way to scratch a warhammer itch while unable to play with friends

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