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31 thoughts on “Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground – Gameplay Overview Trailer”
  1. Christ, please stop the constant cinematic intercutting. It's not only obnoxious for the purposes of an explanatory gameplay trailer, it also makes your game look bad – it's like you yourself seem to think your gameplay isn't worth looking at on its own. I'm down for a new strategy game, but this trailer is just annoying to watch.

  2. Как же ДАСТАЛИ эти тактические стратегии. СДЕЛАЙТЕ НОРМАЛЬНУЮ С НОРМАЛЬНЫМ СТРОИТЕЛЬСТВОМ БАЗЫ. Без кваддратиков, шестиугольников и тд. при перемещении.

  3. Would have liked to see at least 4 or 5 factions. 3 seems very underwhelming. Gloomspite Gitz seem an obvious addition and I'll be missing those until enviable dlc cash grabs. Game play and graphics look decent though

  4. I have a feeling that focus home interactive have nabbed the rights to make warhammer games, that's all they seem to be doing atm xD

    Not that I'm complaining, the sphere of warhammer games is severely lacking

  5. 40k games normally shit but im very tempted on this one.. bring a crossplay dual buy at a discount on multiple platforms.. switch n pc etc

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