We TNT to the Bottom of the World! – Minecraft Multiplayer Gameplay

We TNT to the Bottom of the World in Minecraft Multiplayer Gameplay What’s at the center or bottom of the World in Minecraft? Is it just Lava? We explore using …


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  1. Hey, Spy u should kill the wither to get a nether star to make a beacon
    What u need to make a wither (u have to summon it) is 3 soul sand 1 obsidian and 3 wither head
    To get a wither head, u have to go to a nether, kill some wither skeloton and luck so they drop wither head
    And before that do NOT spawn the wither in the normal realm, if u do, u will regret it (probably), and bring some food, golden apples or golden carrots

    PS: Enchant ur diamond sword with spite 3-5 n ur armor protection 3-5


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