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37 thoughts on “We've Played Elden Ring: Our Impressions – Kinda Funny Gamescast”
  1. I love the mechanic that refills you're estus when killing a group, I'll use this estus now for full health then kill this last dude and refill my tank, love it

  2. i just played the beta. got my ass beat by the golden horse for a half hour before i just decided to go around him lmao. I am terible at Souls games and had no clue what was going on but it felt really good and is pretty!

  3. I got into the network test and I was apprehensive to watch this but I think this has been the best non spoiler talk about elden ring so far. Keen to jump in this weekend.

  4. I've tried two dark souls games – gave up on both after a few hours. I love the setting and idea of them but they were just too hard for me, a casual gamer that doesn't have the time/patience to get good. I'm on the fence with this, with people saying it's easier.

  5. Stance break DOES work on everybody. It just takes more hits on some. Its like an invisible bar that u have to cut down to get the stance break, and u deal damage to that bar using heavy attacks/jump attacks etc. It even works on bosses.

  6. A lot of people are saying that they dont like the fact that this game looks like Dark Souls 3. I actually think this is a brilliant move on Fromsoftwares part because DS3 had such such a beautiful dark twisted fantasy aesthetic. Adding on to that and perfecting said aesthetic is genius. They are not changing but merely enhancing.

  7. Since skills sound like they're slottable in some way, I expect we'll still be able to play without anything magical. There's bound to be skills that are more melee in nature – stuff like the curved greatsword leap we saw in the gameplay trailer. And given that we have the traditional Souls levelling up, I doubt we're expected to invest in the magical stats or suffer the loss of half our abilities if we don't.

  8. On the difficulty, apparently both the DS2 and DS3 network tests were also overtuned in favour of the player, whether it's more health, strength or options than you would have at that point in the full game. It's possible there's an element of that here, so that's worth noting. Although, for the full game I have to imagine the wider breadth of tools will inherently make the game easier to some degree anyway. People also bring up the summons, but Souls always had allied summons that are basically the unofficial easy mode. But at the same time, I don't doubt that many of the bosses and tricky mobs will provide more than enough challenge. I'm just glad the magic and general movesets seem to be more varied, seamless and visually cool.

  9. In not a huge From Software games fan and was hoping that Elden Ring was going to be the game that gets me into it but, after watching the reveal, I wasn't that impressed. Maybe playing it is different than seeing it but it seemed too much like the rest.

  10. i’m bricked up clicking this video let’s go. I’m so hype after beating bloodborne for the first time last year i’ve been really excited for it

  11. As someone who typically plays a quality build with my trusty Uchigatana, I'm excited to hear that magic will be a much bigger point of emphasis in Elden Ring.

  12. I just want to say something I would say I have a passing curiosity in this game. But I love Tam, Blessings, and Andy's dynamic and rapport on this one. I would love to see them on more content!

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