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14 thoughts on “What The Heck Is Going On With Games?”
  1. I still can't believe you don't have more subs and views. Great content videos several times a week. Just keep it up dude. I know you will make it big one day 🙂

  2. I mean your not wrong, as cost has gone up so has the issues in games have gotten worse, people have semi defended this by saying, "with how much code there is in any given big game, the game would never come out if they had to sift though all that code" witch is dumb to think but also, if something that happens soo often how come the Q&A team did not see it, or does Q&A not really exist anymore, its almost like why pay lets say 20 people to Q/A a game when we can have about half a million pay us to QA the game and then we just patch it later. I hate patching it later mentally it reeks of greed. I more or less wont buy (or dont buy) games made from European or American companies I mostly stick to Japanese ones like Atlas, NIS, XSEED, and Namcobandi

  3. I hope the nft craze blows over soon because the actual technology is brilliant. Like having the ability to actually own a digital product means we could get a preowned market for digital games…. plus I wouldn't be stuck to one account. But no we have to deal with this Ape Society bullshit.

    Big business treats us like fools and we keep buying their shit so maybe we are

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