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18 thoughts on “Wichita – Insane 1.3 Second Rudder (World of Warships: Legends Xbox Series X 4K)”
  1. You can have a rudder under 2 secs + twist and track + more than 37 knots speed + 8,2 secs reload + 23 secs turret traverse with Einstein. Your beaply build is better and very good but 9,2 secs reload is a little to long for my taste. I think with one of the italian captains you can get the reload even below 8 secs while having a turret traverse speed of 23 secs.

  2. Hey hipper, good video, I have a commander question. How to see who is a premium commander? And is Shelly beapley better than azur lane. I have them bouth, but not upgraded yet. Keep up the good job. I like your videos and learn some from them.

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