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36 thoughts on “Xbox 2022: What to Expect Exclusives & Rumors [Xbox Series X/S]”
  1. I think that this will be year 3 that the ridiculous rumor of Microsoft putting their big 1st party IP on Nintendo Switch will come back which will once again be shot down by Phil Spencer in an interview where he'll say that the competitors don't want a full Xbox experience on their platforms.

  2. Great video☺️

    Very excited for a lot of games in 2022 and beyond. I have PC gamepass ultimate.

    My upcoming must play:

    There Is No Light
    Weird West
    Shadow Warrior 3
    Project Warlock 2
    The Last Faith
    Core Decay
    Stalker 2
    Outer Worlds 2
    Wolfenstein 3
    Hellblade 2

    What a time to be a gamer😊

  3. The amount of xbox first party and third party exclusives is absolutely ridiculous compared to the xbox one generation. Boys and Girls, the series X generation will be nothing but absolutely fantastic

  4. I have decided to save up for a Series X thanks to your reviews it seems very worth saving up for , I was going to buy the series s originally but have now made up my mind thanks man.

  5. Great content, I'm watching from Brazil and I'm already your fan, I hope you keep up with your excellent reviews, I'm always updating with the games I'm going to buy for my SERIES X. Sorry for the types, a hug from BRAZIL 🇧🇷

  6. Stalker 2, Dying Light 2, Scorn, Tunic, Warhammer 40K Darktide, Deathloop, RedFall, Suicide Squad, Sniper Elite 5, Sonic Frontiers and Starfield all in 2022…many of those new gen exclusive on Xbox Series consoles. I predict Forza Motorsport 8 will be reveal and release this fall 🙏

  7. I have a feeling red fall is going to be Bethesda’s first flop under the Xbox banner. Those character designs in the CGI trailer looked absolutely awful. I just can’t see it being a huge hit…hopefully I’m wrong.

  8. Thank you brother for keeping us updated on goldeneye I have bought RGH Xbox 360 last year just to play the goldeneye 64 HD it was unreleased due to MGM so Phill Spencer couldn't release it but the ppl that made linked the files called bean it's sooo amazing you most try brother love from UK

  9. I pray for the backwards compatibility program and the FPS Boosted games to not be completely dead. There are a lot of games that in my mind is not so difficult to get resolution and framerate upgrade as long as they are on PC too. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Red Dead Redemption 2, Half Life 2, Portal 2, Dragon Age series, Forza Horizon 3 and a lot of other games are so much better at 60 fps. Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Metro Redux duology, Shadow of Mordor, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Assassin's Creed Ezio's Collection/Syndicate/3/Liberation, Forza Horizon 2(with FPS Boost on top)can also run at higher resolution if not at 2160p on Series X. And there are a lot of other games that never got One X enhancements although there was a PS4 Pro version.

  10. would love it if project midnight by compulsion games actually slipped into 2022, everything i'm hearing about it sounds like what i've been looking for from xbox and along with redfall and starfield, this year can be the best xbox has been!! i can't wait

  11. Hey guys. i'm new to everything that means Xbox and stuffs like that and i'm thinking to try one soon, but i'm curious about some little aspects about it before doing this. I am from Romania, and i saw that Xbox dosen't have any relations with Romania or something. And i'm that type of guy that want to play backward compatibile games on the console (Like GTA IV, or Assassin's Creed 2, 3 or etc.) and i want to ask how can i play these games? In which country do i need to create the first new account on Xbox console for these backward compatibile games to be able to find, pay and play them? And i also want to know if i need the specific disc for each game or i can play them just with their digital version. Thanks!

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