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37 thoughts on “Xbox Does It AGAIN | Halo Infinite & Xbox Series X Dominate 2021 | Xbox & PS5 News”
  1. Are you surprised by the amount of high quality AAA games Xbox has released this holiday season. Will they continue to dominate 2021 and go into 2022 with the same mind set?

  2. Halo Infinite's name is program. Lore / Story driven Single Player Experience + Competitive Online Multiplayer FPS in same Sci Fi setting, building a bridge between the Halo I-III Art & Design and that of IV and V. Attached to all roots of the past and creating several coordinated paths into the future of the franchise. People underestimated 343. The tasks to fulfill had historic dimension for the industry. Most studios hadn't been able to master this challenge. It seems they managed to do something nearly impossible. Nearly everybody is happy with the result. The SP/Lore/Story fanbase, the MP audience, PC gamers, Xbox gamers, the gamers in general AND gaming media, the owners of 8th gen and the owners of current gen consoles. The only challenge of similar dimension a studio faced in the near past was CDPR when creating Cyberpunk. and we all know how that turned out. Halo Infinite is like a singularity where everything of the past akkumulates into one point and creates new paths into the future for the franchise. I can't wait to play it.

  3. Too bad the battlepass is a rip off and being forced to only get 7 levels of the event per event period is a huge fucking scam. But yea gameplay is alright, everything else for halo is fucking terrible right now.

  4. I Actually Enjoyed Halo 5 with Locke and is Looking Forward to The Campaign of Infinite and continued Story.The Multiplayer is Amazing too I hope the metacritic scores are High.Halo and Xbox Needs good Scores

  5. One of the things I like to do is use my harpoon so that the enemies have to come to me sort of like using that scorpion move get over here I like to kill my enemies using that harpoon.

  6. @Zalker 87 Xbox is standing on a solid foundation as we head into year 2. With Forza & Halo living up to the hype, Xbox has a rising credit score with gamers who have been on the fence. There are so many more heavy hitting franchises coming in 2022 & beyond! My confidence in team Xbox has never been higher. It's such a great time to be gaming with Green!

  7. too bad Sony killed Xbox this year by double the sales absolutely destroyed them. Xbox with it's literally 2 games Forza and Halo which isn't out till Dec all other games where trash so you all are delusional seriously.

  8. The battle pass progression sucks a bit. I ended up buying the Fnatic black and orange set and I’m quite happy with it.
    The UI customization is amazing I like to change colors and stuff. I use mint green for allies and Pineapple yellow for enemies it makes it very easy for me to spot shoot and track them. One thing I wanna address is the HUD I wanna be able to change the color there too. I don’t like the blue HUD. I need to make it mint green or white but that blue really bothers me.
    The other thing I’ve noticed and it might be just me but headshots are very difficult to hit with the sniper it feels different to other halo games.

  9. To be honest they shouldn't be worried about new comers to much. It would make no sense for a new comer to start a game at the end of the story. A new comer is going to start with the Master Collection. What they need to do is use Halo Infinite to advertise the Collection to the new comers.

  10. Best racing game. Best sports game. Best simulator. Best FPS. Best multiplayer.All console exclusive. And the years besr RTS on PC and arguably the best 3D platformer on general release.

    Not to mention The Gunk just to end the year. With Scorn, Redfall, Crossfire X, Grounded and Starfield for '22.

    Good thing XBox "has no games". Gotta give PS a chance.

  11. Awesome video. Microsoft is killing it. I’m just waiting to see what the PlayStation losers have to say to trash Microsoft now. You know it’s coming. When you ain’t got S to play and all your exclusive never to be released on PC now going to PC and to be found in PC stores bargain basket of titles. I guess you would be salty and trash Microsoft and Xbox even if you look a fool doing it. It’s like you bought a 370z and four months later your neighbor comes home with a Porsche 911 turbo. It’s called envy. And it’s sweeter than yahoo for Xbox users. Dude I don’t want to see anymore previews I want to play this game. I have Gamepass but I’m buying Halo so I can play it early.

  12. Honestly, Infinite has been surprise of the year for me in terms of how good the multiplayer base gameplay is. Hell I'm a PC player but I've played on both PC (optimization needs some work guys!) and Xbox (yes, with controller) and I've been having a blast. The battle pass progression, UI, and gameplay options (let us choose gamemodes plz…) need some work. But the base game, levels, gunplay, netcode etc are all pretty much on point and I'm extremely surprised <3

  13. Without any actual numbers of money lost , expense sheet , vs money incoming after all bills and debt paid . We know nothing . Its free to play like fort night they gave it away for $1 for 3 months game pass to 120 steam players and 100 million pc users for the same price $1 .and halo only averages 80 ,000 players daily out of 220 million possible players never reached 1 million . Thats below a .01 % of there 220 million user base . Halo broke Microsoft xbox records those records are nothing . Try n study numbers and data tracking a long with equations based on actual numbers posted as legal and correct . For example steam has over 120 million users and 60,000 of them play halo daily average . The other 119 million dont play halo . Those are actual pathetic numbers . Other games average 27 million players ok wake up and un block me Zalker 87

  14. $1,035 to unlock everything in Halo multiplayer. U cant unlock sh*t by playing the game..guys are f*cking moron for not calling this out. Just buy your games u cheap bastards😆😆😆

  15. Cannot watch, as I saw the word Halo & don’t want any campaign information or spoilers. Don’t hate me, I’ll watch in the 8th Dec 🙏💚

  16. Love halo …but one thing I did want to see … Is more speed … Running feel like your dragging a building behind you … If they brought the speed up by say 25 to 30% that would make it a smash game to take on COD and will overtake it I'd say …

  17. I love that this Halo is reuniting the community whether you are brand new, an og player, casual or hardcore. Halo birthed my fps competitive nature with LAN parties on og Halo. It's lost some luster over the years(at least for me) but Infinite reeled me back in and it's been a lot of fun

  18. Aight here's what happened with Halo Infinite. It's not pressure to make a good game.
    Two years in Microsoft orders the reboot of the project. They didn't want Halo 5 2.0. Two creative leads departed the project, with the original series lead brought back on over a year ago to right the ship. He lightly rebooted the game as it was a generic Ubisoft clone. Numerous other top positions cleared out. Microsoft has been restructuring the studio. Except for the Studio Head, all major positions have been swapped out at the studio. Getting rid of people who had no love for Halo and just wanted to make it Call of Duty.

    Now it's good. Infinite might not be perfect, but whatever comes next will be amazing.

  19. My son who is 15 has grown up on COD, BF, Destiny, and a couple other shooters like R6S. I tried to get him into Halo through H5 but it didn't work he just didn't like it, neither did his friend group. Him and his friends didn't care about a new Halo, I finally talked him and his buddies into playing the new Halo and all of them are saying this is the funnest game they've ever played, these kids are hard to impress. The response from my son and his friends is all the proof I need to know that 343 got it right, they do need to fix the grind.

  20. As a lifelong playstation player I hope xbox goes so hard and brings out killer games and sells massively this console generation. Sony need someone constantly at their throats otherwise they get lazy and very consumer unfriendly. Fierce competition between corporations benefits all consumers

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