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43 thoughts on “Xbox Game Streaming Upgraded & Cloud Only Games By Former Stadia Head | New Stadia Google TV Bundle”
  1. I noticed that i get Series X versions of the games thru rather than the Xone versions thru the android app. I'm guessing the upgrades are going to be rolled out on a game by game badis, website first than the android app later.

  2. Sorta off topic, but I downloaded the Stadia app on my Sony X900H Android TV. Although it is not officially supported I had high hopes. It is far from ready. Probably less than 5 fps. So it was completely unplayable. I'll still need to use my CCU for now. I hope one day I can play at 120 fps through the app. Until then I'll be patiently waiting and enjoying Stadia.

  3. got my ccuwgtv but my headset mic doesn't work even thought it's fine on my ccu. tried app mic permissions but still no luck. looks like i have to still swap devices.

  4. Should I buy the new stadia bundle? I mean I bought the cyberpunk 2077 bundle which was only the stadia controller and the google chromecast ultra only, I don’t have a google TV so you do think is worth it? @Sunny Cloud Gaming

  5. Wait they had it in their name all along!..Xbox..❌ box…no plastic box! But then logic sets in and with Microsoft no box means no money! Will no box be with xcloud?

  6. Capcom please make Megaman Legends of time and dimensions where the versions of Mega Man from different time lines in different universes all have to team up to defeat the team up of all of their villains

  7. Thank you for this video. I knew xCloud upgrade was coming soon but didn't know it had already launched. Tested it out a bit and works and looks so much better!

  8. Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks good. Epic games probably paid money for the PC exclusive just like Sony did for the playstation exclusive. Great it's coming to GeForce now.

  9. This is fantastic news all around! My question is that if a title is removed from game pass you can just buy it to keep playing on an Xbox but if you're a cloud only gamer there is no way to buy a streaming game. I love the freedom of Stadia where you can buy games if you want or use Stadia pro.

  10. If Xbox figures out stadia tech then stadia is in trouble.

    I was so hyped when I seen the coupon for the controller. Tried to get both the Wasabi and the black controller but the coupon only worked for one. Ended up getting the Wasabi. Also stadia on nvidia shield looks and runs great.

  11. Hey man, it's accessible with a C pronounced like California type define accesibile în google and you'll see how to pronounce it correctly 🙋

  12. I’m happy to hear Microsoft is FINALLY getting on that “Games improved by the cloud” thing from the Xbox one, I’m interested to see how that goes down.

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