Xbox Series X Tutorial | How To Record & Share Videos

24 thoughts on “Xbox Series X Tutorial | How To Record & Share Videos

  1. What a waste of video,I was expecting to see how can i record my gameplay (more than a minute) everything u said I already knew

  2. best part is the feature to record last 30 sec or 2 min its similar to shadow play so u dont have look through your entire recording to see where rhe clip is

  3. This video was helpful but I’m still lost as to how I record my voice while recording clip. Is it possible or have I been on a wild goose chase? I’ve looked at multiple sites and they say the option is available but I do not see it.

  4. They should do a version like ShareFactory on the Playstation. So easy. On PS5 you can record for a long time on 4K as well.

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