Yakuza 7-8 Minute Gameplay With New "Like A Dragon" Trailer Tokyo Game Show

Yakuza 7-8 Minute Gameplay With New “Like A Dragon” Trailer Tokyo Game Show well the gameplay is a turn based rpg style but i think its cool!!. #Yakuza7 …



30 thoughts on “Yakuza 7-8 Minute Gameplay With New "Like A Dragon" Trailer Tokyo Game Show”

  1. Suprised the reception is rather positive. Usually when a company drastically changes the formula, people hate it, but it seems like most people are ok with it. Suprised they decided to change the formula, but as long as it's good, I'm on board.

  2. I think I just realized what the biggest issue with this combat is, the battles take longer then they used to, they drag out due to the turn based system. Now I usually have no issue with this, I love a lot of turn based games, but in those games enemies appear in dungeons and overworld maps, and towns are safe places to explore, a break from the monster fighting. But in Yakuza, the enemies are EVERYWHERE, there are no safe zones or isolated towns, there's only usually one major location that acts as the hub for everything in the game… and there are enemy encounters in it, you don't get any breaks or respites from it to peacefully explore (except for maybe certain story moments) This could be a massive issue in the long run, making traversing town a tedious and aggravating experience, hopefully they do something to stop this from happening, but it doesn't seem like it from this gameplay. I'm fine with the style of gameplay, but it might not mix well with Yakuza's hub world style.

  3. I look forward to it. It looks refreshing after having a rather samey combat system for the past 9 games. It will probably be pretty good, and if not the devs said they'd be willing to switch it back to the old one if it's not well received. They probably just want us to give it a fair shake first.

  4. I'm not sure if it's genius or totally ridiculous.

    I mean the combat is so over the fucking top it's hard to take it serious: it feels like a parody of a jrpg than a real jrpg.

    I can't say I'm not curious, even though I do prefer the action style game more…