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  1. The amount of time that you spend looking at teammates fighting without using a clone is ridiculous. There's even times where you have no shot and the cd is up and you still don't use clone. Exact same set up, I'd double your healing. Get in the habbit of throwing the clone every time you are not shooting. Just throw it out there. You are great at this game, but man, your ying game needs work. I'm saying this after watching 3 or for videos of ying gameplay. Every one I'm constantly yelling, "throw the clone." how can you be so good with damba and so bad with ying?

  2. My Focusing Lens Ying build is:
    • Ephemeral V: if you want reload, just get reload. Honestly 5 is probably too much, but Ying doesn't have a lot to help her with her primary fire, take what you can get.
    • Encouragement IV: Cards and items that trigger off eliminations are great for support, since it counts assists. This one reduces all cooldowns by 10% per; It's hard to NOT have an illusion ready.
    • Tangible IV: +200 health helps. I mean it doesn't help if they focus you, but more resistance to chip damage is good.
    • Rewind I: It's just there to respawn an illusion.
    • Squadron I: Filler
    The idea is, Focusing Lens Ying is still primarily a healer, you're just throwing lasers instead of right-clicking your team. So you mostly want to make sure you have illusions up and being useful more than anything. if i were to change things, I'd probably swap out Tangible for some points in dimensional Link buffs.

  3. Your playstyle
    Use your illus like cannon fodder; block shots fr tank or you
    When the illus get destroyed it procs Spring Bloom that takes 2.5s off your cooldown
    Just keep planting illus down as they get destroyed and you can heal far more than letting the illus idle heal.(illus always heal when you press q).
    As for the ammo regen card you could combo it with Spring Bloom and you dont really have to reload anymore.

  4. You are using Yings worst talent and you are doing the thing every player does when they choose Focusing Lens: You focus more on left click, rarely lay your illusions, and when you do lay your illusion they only benefit you. You end up only healing yourself because you keep focusing on trying to deal the tickling damage focusing Lens does.
    Resonance is the real damage/support talent, not Focusing Lens.
    Your team won in spite of you playing Focusing Lens Ying.

  5. Single tank, you NEED life exchange tbh. You focus on fragging which is fine which is what you should do but you need to pop illusions CONTINUOUSLY like a reflexive action rather than a reaction to someone being low.

    And I think your loadout would do well without the ammo regen card better invest into increasing illusion distance and prolonging DL so you can reach a favourable spot.


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