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Zombie Army 4 Gameplay + First Impressions

Zombie Army is back and fun as ever! Zombie sharks, curb stomps and more. Thanks to Rebellion for sponsoring this video or something along Check out the …


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It CAN be played in SP…..BUT I just have this feeling that Zombie Army 4 will be EXACTLY like Zombie Army Trilogy where they wont be bothered to have the daunting difficult task of the game scaled to the number of players in the party, I would rather sit my wrists with dental floss than play with randoms….So playing alone or with 1 other person your constantly fucked with 4 player sized groups

Holy hell the comments section f*cking sucks.
Here's the thing: You don't play ZAT for graphics, or for some mind blowing story, you play it for fun, and that's it.
I'll admit the UI doesn't look the best, seems a tad bit on the crazy and cartoonish side, but that's just me.
And if it's just as if not more fun than the previous entry, I think it'll do just fine.